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SELF COMPACTING CONCRETE ppt | Concrete | Cement

In the final analysis self-compacting concrete shortened the anchorage construction period by 20%. Akashi-Straits Bridge CONCLUSION. Self-Compacting Concrete is considered to be the most promising building material for the expected revolutionary changes on the job site. We can create durable and reliable concrete structures using SCC

Materials for Self-Compacting Concrete - The Constructor

Following are the materials for self compacting concrete:. Cement for self compacting concrete. All types of cement conforming to EN 197 are suitable. Selection of the type of cement will depend on the overall requirements for the concrete, such as strength, durability etc., C3A content higher than 10% may cause problems of poor workability retention.

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Concrete is a composite material composed of fine and coarse aggregate bonded ... on the mechanical properties of concrete samples made by self-compacting concrete (SCC) incorporation cement waste ...


SELF COMPACTING CONCRETE USING INDUSTRAIL WASTE MATERIALS 1Yash Paul Sachdeva, 2Prof.Sanjeev Naval, ... known as "self-compacting concrete" With increased requirements for both productivity and comfort on the job site as well as the performance of the hardened concrete, the use ... Self Compacting Concrete Using Industrail Waste Materials


IS 516-1959 Method of test for strength of concrete SK Singh "Self Compacting Concrete - A Paradigm Shift", Journal of New Building Materials & Construction World, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp 164-180,September, …

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self compaction concrete using wast material in ppt – Grinding … » Complete Stone Quarry Plants … Posts Related to self compacting concrete ppt download in Hyderabad, … self compacting concrete by using quarry dust »More detailed

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Okamura in 1986. Studies to develop self-compacting concrete, including a fundamental study on the work-ability of concrete, have been carried out by Ozawa and Maekawa at the University of Tokyo (Ozawa 1989, Okamura 1993 & Maekawa 1999). The prototype of self-compacting concrete was first completed in 1988 using materials already on the mar-ket ...

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Industrial by-products or waste materials such as limestone powder, fly ash and granulated blast furnace slag are generally used as mineral admixtures in SCC. ... self-compacting concrete ppt, self-compacting concrete properties, how to make self-compacting concrete, self-compacting concrete Slideshare, self-compacting concrete pdf.

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Self-Compacting Concrete - Procedure for Mix Design . Paratibha Aggarwal 1, Rafat Siddique 2,*, Yogesh AGGARWAL 1, Surinder M Gupta 1 . 1 Department of Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology (Deemed University), Kurukshetra (Haryana), India. 2 Department of Civil Engineering, Thapar University, Patiala (Punjab), India

self compaction concrete using wast material in ppt

Types of concrete - Wikipedia. There are many types of concrete, ... Okamura and his Ph.D. student Kazamasa Ozawa at the University of Tokyo developed self-compacting concrete (SCC) which was cohesive, but flowable and took the shape of the formwork without use of any mechanical compaction.

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Study of Behaviour of Self Compacting Concrete with Partial Replacement of Concrete by Fly-ash. Search Search. Close suggestions. ... Properties of Materials Used in Self Compacting Concrete (Scc) Self Compacting Concrete. Self Compact Concrete (SCC) ... SELF COMPACTING CONCRETE ppt.

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utilization waste material can be solved up to certain level if people start use of it. Here, they had studied about use of waste Manufactured Sand as partial replacement of fine aggregate in self-compacting concrete. The Self-Compacting Concrete is the modern concrete which does not require compaction and

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Self-compacting concrete has been used in bridges and even on pre-cast sections. One of the most remarkable projects built using self-compacting concrete is the Akashi-Kaikyo Suspension Bridge.In this project, the SCC was mixed on-site and pumped through a piping system to the specified point, located 200 meters away.


using increased amount of fine materials in the mixes. To development of self-compacting concrete with reduced segregation potential. The systematic experimental approach showed that partial replacement of coarse and fine aggregate with finer materials could produce self-compacting concrete

Methods of Testing Self Compacting Concrete Workability

Passing Ability of Self Compacting Concrete It is the ability of SCC to flow through tight openings, such as spaces between steel reinforcing bars, under its own weight. Passing ability can be determined by using U-box, L-box, Fill-box, and J-ring test methods.

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environment, and give a better, greener and alternative use to these solid wastes. Materials and methodology used for achieving self-compatibility Concrete mix for self-compacting concrete differs from normal concrete, due to the volume of both coarse and fine aggregates necessary to ascertain its required flow and workability.

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advanced construction material. The Important Properties ... Self-compacting concrete has been successfully used in France. The use of self-compacting concrete in actual structures has gradually increased. a suspension bridge with the longest span in the world (1. ... Documentos semelhantes a Self Compacting Concrete PPT. Self Compacting ...

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SK Singh "Self Compacting Concrete - A Paradigm Shift", Journal of New Building Materials & Construction World, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp 164-180,September, 2009. Concrete‟, Concrete revision)

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Explore Self Compacting Concrete with Free Download of Seminar Report and PPT in PDF and DOC Format. Also Explore the Seminar Topics Paper on Self Compacting Concrete with Abstract or Synopsis, Documentation on Advantages and Disadvantages, Base Paper Presentation Slides for IEEE Final Year Civil Engineering CE or IEEE Civil Construction BTech, BE, MTech Students for the year …


Concrete is a family of binding material, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water. Concrete is normally used in the frame structure. But there is some limitation like self-compaction, surface ...

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E-Waste use in concrete is possible and Easy, because source of E-waste are large and available easily in market. II OBJECTIVE To evaluate the fresh properties (Slump test, L-box and V-funnel) of Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) with use of E-Plastic Waste materials up to 30% Replacement with the increment of 5%.

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durability etc. Materials for self compacting concrete: Cement for self compacting concrete All types of cement conforming to EN 197 are suitable. A minimum amount of fines (arising from the binders and the sand) must be achieved to avoid segregation.

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These admixtures (0.1- 0.2% by mass of cementations materials) allow the manufacture of self-compacting concrete with a reduced volume of fine materials and Minimizing bleeding and coarse aggregate segregation by thickening the paste and retaining the water in the skeleton.

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quarry dust replacement in sand in self compacting concreteself compacting concrete using quarry dust. self compacting concrete using quarry dust. self compacti ... (QDP), silica fume (SF) plus ... Self Compacting Concrete Using Industrail Waste Materials. Published in: IOSR Journal of Engineering 2013Authors: Yash Paul Sachdeva ... replacement ...

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The constituent materials, used for the production of Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) shall generally comply with the requirements of EN 206. The materials shall be suitable for the intended use in concrete and not contain harmful ingredients in

02 Manual for Proportioning of Self-compacting Concrete

Manual for Mixture Proportioning of Self-compacting Concrete CONTENTS ... 1.2 Classification by materials for self-compacting concrete.....28 1.3 Classification by self-compactability of self-compacting concrete .....28 Chapter 2 Characteristics of self-compacting concrete ...

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ppt on scc 1. welcome 2. k. j. somaiya polytecnic third year civil engineering department 3. group members:- 1. onkar kamble fceg12125 2. shubham harne fcew12121 4. topic special type of concrete self compacting concrete 5.

Mix Design Procedure for Self Compacting Concrete

Mix Design Procedure for Self Compacting Concrete 1Krishna Murthy.N, 2Narasimha Rao A.V, ... DESIGN OF SELF COMPACTING CONCRETE MIX DESIGN TOOL 3.1. MATERIAL PROPERTIES FOR SCC MIX DESIGN TOOL The following material properties for the SCC mix design tool are to be determined as shown in Table1.

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H. Kitamura, T. Nishizaki, H. Ito, and R. Chikamatsu, "Construction of prestressed Concrete Outer Tank for LNG Storage Using High-Strength Self-Compacting Concrete," International Workshop on Self-Compacting Concrete, 1998, Kochi, Japan.